Outside accessories cleaning

Water pressure itself is not a cure-all; you risk damaging a surface by assuming a stronger force or lingering on one spot will remove stains, mildew, or gunk. But we are here for you with the best solutions: special brushed for every type of surface and special detergent to be used on your garden table, […]

Buses, trucks, boats, yacht cleaning

Washing your boat, ship is a regular part of most upkeep and maintenance schedules. It is important to flush out salt water from your boat’s exterior surfaces, remove debris, and scrub off accumulating marine growth. Ships need constant cleaning and maintenance to keep them operational whether they’re in port, at dock or at sea. Additionally, […]

Gates cleaning

Among the services that we can offer in a community of neighbors, is the cleaning of portals. They are an essential part of the community to which special attention must be paid.

Advertising banners cleaning

Vinyl siding cannot be cleaned up just by using a pressure washer. That’s why we have the dedicated brushed depending on the surface type. You are in good hands!

Parkings cleaning

Using a pressure washer to clean the dirty parking lot from oil stains, ground in dirt, and other debris is highly effective with our equipment Plus, it requires less work than other traditional methods. In this case we’ll use our hot water machine. Hot water does work better at breaking down oils, so this is […]

Photovoltaic parks

Why not cleaning solar panels with soap? Soaps can leave a film or residue that not only shades panels like the dirt that was just washed off, but it can also encourage dirt to stick and build up faster. We use specific detergent and water that is applied through our rotating-brush system. This is the […]

Car fleet cleaning

As a fleet owner or representative, we know your responsibilities involve improving productivity, driver retention and customer service. It’s important that your fleet always looks its best. Pressure washing semi-trucks, tractors, dump trucks, utility trucks, passenger vehicles, buses, and trailers is a must. There are many reasons companies choose to wash their fleet in-house rather […]

Yard cleaning

Looking after the house and keeping it clean is one of our priorities. However, when it comes to looking after the exterior of the house and maintaining pathways, courtyards, gardens, balconies, terraces, gates, gutters, stairs and walls clean from waste and environmental elements that may accumulate we think twice, and we choose to wait a […]

Fence cleaning

Many homeowners have on their to-do list cleaning the fence. The fence of your yard it helps you maintaining your privacy, and keeping your kids and pets in the yard, but it is exposed to the elements 24/7. That means your fence has likely accumulated years of dirt. It’s time to bring your fence back […]

Swimming pools cleaning

The build-up of algae, dirt and other bacteria in a swimming pool is a common problem. Fortunately, you can easily clean your pool inside and out using a power or pressure washer. The washer, combined with the proper power washing solution, forces build-up dirt to be eliminated. The pools became apparently abandoned ponds after the […]

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